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In 1999, Appeon was founded in San Francisco, California by a group of innovative Silicon Valley professionals with the mission to simplify and speed up enterprise application development. Appeon offers award-winning products that enable rapid and easy development of Mobile and Web applications for SAP customers. Appeon also provides application development & maintenance (ADM) services to simplify, accelerate, and reduce the cost of IT projects. Appeon has amassed a customer base of over 2,500 Fortune 500, Government, ISV, and SME customers worldwide.

Appeon has two major offerings, both of which are,

  • Appeon Mobile: Appeon Mobile is the first and revolutionary solution that enables PowerBuilder developers to rapidly and easily build native mobile apps from the PowerBuilder IDE
  • Appeon Web: (formerly Appeon for PowerBuilder), the Appeon flagship product, automatically converts PowerBuilder Client/Server applications to Java or .NET on the Web

Appeon Mobile

Appeon Mobile enables SAP PowerBuilder developers to rapidly and easily develop mobile applications. Appeon Mobile applications are cross-OS, and can be deployed to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. They are powered by native mobile technology, delivering high-performance feature-rich apps to your users. There is no faster or easier approach to develop cross-OS native mobile applications.

Appeon Web

Appeon Web (aka Appeon for PowerBuilder) automatically converts SAP PowerBuilder business applications into Web applications. A typical Web conversion takes just a few months or even weeks. The original UI and behavior is faithfully preserved, avoiding retraining & possible user rejection. There is no faster proven approach to Web-enable your SAP PowerBuilder business applications.


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