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In 1999, Appeon was founded in San Francisco, California by a group of innovative Silicon Valley professionals with the mission to simplify and speed up enterprise application development. Appeon offers award-winning products that enable rapid and easy development of Mobile and Web applications for SAP customers. Appeon also provides application development & maintenance (ADM) services to simplify, accelerate, and reduce the cost of IT projects. Appeon has amassed a customer base of over 2,500 Fortune 500, Government, ISV, and SME customers worldwide.

Appeon is organized under three business lines, all of which are aimed at adding unparalleled value to the IT operations of SME’s worldwide:

  • Appeon Mobile: Appeon Mobile is the first and revolutionary solution that enables PowerBuilder developers to rapidly and easily build native mobile apps from the PowerBuilder IDE
  • Appeon Web: (formerly Appeon for PowerBuilder), the Appeon flagship product, automatically converts PowerBuilder Client/Server applications to Java or .NET on the Web
  • Consulting Services: Provide strategic and mission-critical IT consulting services

Appeon Mobile

Appeon Mobile enables SAP PowerBuilder developers to rapidly and easily develop mobile applications. Appeon Mobile applications are cross-OS, and can be deployed to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. They are powered by native mobile technology, delivering high-performance feature-rich apps to your users. There is no faster or easier approach to develop cross-OS native mobile applications.

Appeon Web

Appeon Web (aka Appeon for PowerBuilder) automatically converts SAP PowerBuilder business applications into Web applications. A typical Web conversion takes just a few months or even weeks. The original UI and behavior is faithfully preserved, avoiding retraining & possible user rejection. There is no faster proven approach to Web-enable your SAP PowerBuilder business applications.

Consulting Services

Our consulting is aimed at providing cost-effective application development and maintenance (ADM). We offer a wide set of skills, including SAP PowerBuilder, Java, and .NET. We have keen focus on long-term relationships, and majority of our customers rely on us for on-going ADM. Appeon is a unique position to offer this because we have the lowest turnover in the industry. Our customers benefit from better focus on improving and expanding their core business.


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