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PFC is listed on Hong Kong GEM board on 7 Oct 2016 with stock code 8231.HK. PFC manufactures and sells power discrete semiconductors under its own ‘PFC’ brand into the PRC, Taiwan and other Asian regions markets.

PFC’s power discrete semiconductors mainly comprise Schottky diodes, a type of rectifier, which are packaged in a variety of package types. In 2015, the Group completed the development of its first MOSFET product model, a type of transistor. PFC’s MOSFET is currently at the stage of product portfolio establishment, and the Group will continue its research and development effort, among others, to develop more product models of MOSFET with different specifications thereby expanding the product portfolio of MOSFET. The Group’s power discrete semiconductors are used as rectifiers in the power supply units of a variety of electronic applications ranging from consumer electronic devices, such as mobile phones, notebook computers and LED televisions, to automotive and solar cells. The Group’s power discrete semiconductors, which are applied in the power supply units of a variety of electronic applications, achieve reduction in energy loss over power supply, thereby enhancing the energy efficiency of the electronic applications.

PFC maintains its own research and development team in Taiwan, with a primary focus on improvement of product performance, new product and technology development. PFC’s power discrete semiconductors utilised its own patented device structure and manufacturing method, developed by PFC’s in-house research and development team. In 2016, PFC held 46 patents registered in the USA, Taiwan and the PRC with respect to the device structure and/or manufacturing method of its power discrete semiconductors.

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